We offer four different licensing packages for SERENEDI as shown below.  If you have some special needs and feel like a custom license package is necessary, please contact us to discuss further.  Each Software Instance is the right to install SERENEDI on a single Windows operating system.

Package A

$4,000 / year
One Software Instance
8 processes / instance
2 Hours Phone Support
Unlimited Email Support

Package B

$6,000 / year
Two Software Instances
12 processes / instance
4 Hours Phone Support
Unlimited Email Support

Package C

$8,000 / year
Three Software Instances
16 processes / instance
6 Hours Phone Support
Unlimited Email Support

Package D

$10,000 / year
Four Software Instances
20 processes / instance
8 Hours Phone Support
Unlimited Email Support

Each Additional Software Instance: $1800 per year
Process Upgrades: $1000 per 8 simultaneous processes
Consulting services are available for $250 per hour, depending on our availability and discretion.
All license packages are required to pay an X12 IP Licensing fee of $180 per year (subject to change according to X12)

All fees subject to change.  The annual licensing fee of each package is locked as is for the first 3 years and subject to 5% increase every 3 years thereafter.

Only employees and contractors of licensed corporations may use SERENEDI’s technology. We will support a number of developers equal to the number of instance licenses with unlimited next-business day E-Mail (can be updated on a monthly basis). Phone support includes teleconferencing.  Licensees must pay ASC X12’s $180/year fee to cover the licensee’s usage of their Intellectual Property embedded in our product, which will be another line item on the invoice, and is a flat fee regardless of the number of instances.

For more information or to request an invoice, E-Mail support@chiapas-edi.org.