About Us

Chiapas EDI Technologies, Inc. (CHIAPAS pronunciation audio here) was founded in 2010 with a focus on software that bridges relational database systems with HIPAA-compliant EDI transactions. We are a boutique software development company – we do 100% of the development ourselves here in California and we make sure our software functions perfectly in highly isolated servers that comply with HIPAA security mandates.  Our healthcare integration technology delivers a a powerful value proposition by giving healthcare organizations the tools they need. As Healthcare I.T. professionals ourselves, we know that this is a changing industry and more is being asked of us than ever before. We are here to help.

In 2012, we released Chiapas EDI Enterprise, which is now in active use at healthcare enterprises across the country. The experience of maintaining this software, listening to our client’s needs and analyzing industry trends drove the design of the next version of our platform. In August 2020, we released SERENEDI, a third-generation healthcare integration platform. Running on multiple operating systems and compatible with both SQL Server and Oracle, it is an integration middleware platform built to scale from small developer workstations to large servers, and everything in between.

Although our software is evolving, our values have not changed from day one. We are successful when our clients are successful. Feel free to reach out to us at our business number listed at the top of the page, or E-Mail us anytime at support@chiapas-edi.org. We’ll be happy to schedule a demonstration and answer your questions about how our platform can benefit you.