SERENEDI is a third-generation Healthcare Integration middleware that uses advanced technology to minimize the effort and time needed to create modern, robust HIPAA EDI solutions.


Healthcare EDI is primarily about trading partner communications – information that flows between business entities for specific purposes such as billing claims or eligibility changes.  The systems that drive this information flow are often esoteric and hard to maintain, requiring significant investments in time, money and subject matter experts to make even basic changes.  


At Chiapas EDI, we’ve spent a decade developing our industry-leading healthcare integration technology so that our clients can rapidly start developing solutions using the skills they already possess.  Our unique technology translates the most complex HIPAA EDI transactions directly into database tables, XML or CSV files, with zero configuration.  Creating outbound files can be accomplished with a minimum of SQL processing from your enterprise data sources, and verified for integrity with the built-in rules engine.


Healthcare entities of all sizes have been using our innovative solutions since 2012.