SERENEDI is a third-generation Healthcare Integration Platform designed to enable business system analysts to create new HIPAA EDI transactions while minimizing both the effort and learning curve.


Traditional translators require proprietary “maps” that link your business elements to incoming HIPAA EDI elements.  When new elements arrive from your trading partner, these maps need to be updated and the trading partner data reprocessed in order to capture that new information.  Adopting new inbound and outbound transactions and mappings can be a labor intensive task, and limited to those proficient with the proprietary EDI solution.

This approach is common and prevalent in the industry because in most cases, there is no other technology to solve this problem.



SERENEDI takes a different approach to this problem.  It’s “black box” translation technology autonomously manages internal database schemas on customer-supplied SQL Server and Oracle (both Legacy and ADW/ATP supported) databases, adding new data columns dynamically whenever new data is encountered.  This means complex EDI solutions can be developed using simple stored procedures and views – skills most organizations already possess.  Need to create new outbound files instead?  Create a new BIN ID record, insert your enterprise data as new rows in the SERENEDI managed tables, and tell SERENEDI where to place your EDI file – as simple as that.  Of course, all of this is on your own PHI-secured infrastructure (Windows and Linux compatible).

SERENEDI is focused on empowering healthcare I.T. developers and analysts to create scalable solutions that are straightforward to develop, test, and deploy to production, using commonly known technologies like SQL and Power Shell Core.  To make this possible, SERENEDI follows three design principals, the “Three P’s”:

Parallelism – Got Big Data requirements?  Our software can scale up to process many dozens of automation tasks at once using a flexible trigger/event system and built-in data management system.  Every event is tracked and every error message is stored in a database so you can be sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Projections – In mathematics, projection is a way to transform entities into different forms without losing or altering its original information.  In SERENEDI, projection is the ability of our software to bidirectionally  transform 5010 EDI transactions into a variety of human accessible forms without dropping or changing any information.

Portability – Written in 100% .NET Core 3, the automation system runs equally well on Windows or Linux servers.  Write new automation scripts in PowerShell Core and debug them with Visual Studio Code.  Send the data to and from SQL Server and Oracle databases.  Whatever your technology environment, SERENEDI can work with it.

  • The included serenediStudio user interface allows you to test your custom EDI extracts.  Build and test custom triggers, database endpoints, and SecureFTP sessions in the interface.
  • Supports 5010 270, 271, 276, 277, 277 CA, 278 Request, 278 Response, 820, 820X, 824, 834, 835, 837 Institutional / 837 Professional transactions.
  • SNIP Types 1-2 and Type 5 compliance checks are supported for all transactions.  SNIP Types 3 & 4 are supported for 834, 835, 837 I & P with more than 300 rules.  The rules engine is completely user-extensible.
  • Download the full datasheet here

We believe our technology delivers a powerful value, enabling your business to tackle complex business challenges that would be difficult or impossible otherwise.  Don’t take our word for it  – try it for yourself.  Press the button at right, click on the Sandbox VM button, accept the terms, and get instance access to a sandbox environment.  Follow the video tutorials, or explore it on your own.

Or, in the same link, fill out the instructions to apply for a Full Evaluation to get download instructions for your company’s branded evaluation version from our secure server.  Your no-obligation 30-day evaluation period includes full product support, so feel free to reach out to us for anything you need.

Healthcare entities of all sizes have been using our innovative EDI solutions since 2012.