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About Chiapas EDI Enterprise

Chiapas EDI Technologies, Inc., is an innovative electronic data interchange (EDI) software company with a focus on providing the best-in-class EDI services to the healthcare industry from coast to coast.

Our history is traced back to 2002 when our very first Chiapas EDI product, Chiapas EDI Version 1, was developed to manage integration and X12 EDI requirements for a number of trading partners in the Bay Area.  And most significantly, Chiapas EDI Version 1 managed all HIPAA EDI transactions for a local San Francisco HMO for over a decade.  Combining 4010 EDI translation technology, scripting and automation capabilities, Chiapas EDI Version 1 was released as open source on Source Forge in 2005.  It has been actively used to date.

In 2010, we devoted our time in development to offer a new product – Chiapas EDI Enterprise version 2012 – a powerful EDI Enterprise platform, which aims to tame the convoluted complexity of healthcare EDI operations by:

  • Providing seamless integration solutions for healthcare business transactions
  • Minimizing the amount of proprietary knowledge for end users 
  • Offering to the healthcare industry an easy EDI translation / integration tool to achieve the mandated HIPAA 5010 standards.

As always, we have been constantly devoting our time for excellent services, improving our EDI technologies to better serve our valued clients and their requirements.  In 2014, the latest release of Chiapas EDI Enterprise, version 2014, is a proof of how we have been continually bringing innovation to the Healthcare industry, building on the scalability and enterprise value of Chiapas EDI Technologies.


With Chiapas EDI Enterprise, you will experience:

  • An intuitive EDI platform with ease of use
  • A reliable EDI partner who will help you resolve your issues step-by-step within 1 business day with unlimited email support
  • A continuous EDI support with state-of-the-art capabilities as the healthcare EDI industry evolves.
  • Automation processes for all of your healthcare transactions
  • Full HIPAA 5010 EDI files out of the box
  • A seamless integration to your business enterprise system
  • Confidence in opening up new lines of business
  • Competence in Health Insurance Exchange Market
  • Instant capabilities in Benefit Administration

Benefits that Chiapas EDI Enterprise brings to your healthcare business operations are phenomenal, not to mention that you will enjoy the end-results of reducing overhead costs, eliminating manual processes, improving data accuracy, streamlining transactions, increasing productivity, and more.

Q:  Is Chiapas EDI Technologies, Inc. related to Chiapas City or any organizations in Mexico?

A:  No, not all.  Chiapas EDI Technologies, Inc., was founded by Alden Richard Temps and based in San Francisco, California.  Inspired by the natural, historic beauty of Chiapas State in South Mexico, the Company and its products are named after Chiapas State.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Chiapas EDI Enterprise.