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New Features to Chiapas EDI Enterprise version 2014

Posted 02/06/2015


Improved 999 Generation

The 999 generator has been improved to generate acknowledgments for files with multiple GS loops.  Just as before, only two automation steps are needed to automatically generate a 999 from any incoming file – no mapping is necessary. The outbound 999 is generated by reversing the sender/receiver IDs found within the inbound file.  The outbound 999 will signal acceptance when Chiapas EDI successfully parses the file; if a syntax error is encountered, the outbound 999 will inform the sender of the non-compliant segment.

New Specifications Supported

Chiapas EDI Enterprise now fully supports the mappings within the 5010 824 and 5010 820X specifications.

    • 5010 824 specification is used by certain trading partners to convey pre-adjudication claim status from a payer to a biller.
    • 5010 820X specification is used by Health Insurance Exchanges to transmit information on Health Insurance Exchange related payments.

Element Repeats

Chiapas EDI Enterprise now supports element repeats for certain DMG, EQ, EB, HCR, COB and COB segments, where applicable.  This ensures Chiapas EDI’s automatic mapping capabilities continue to work on virtually every compliant HIPAA transaction.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the use of Chiapas EDI Enterprise version 2014 for any healthcare EDI situations you may encounter, please feel free to call us at 415-298-8166 or email us at support@chiapas‐  We will be glad to be of help.