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Quotation1.PNGWe have been using the Chiapas Enterprise 2014 product for about 3 months now, and we have been thoroughly impressed with the software and the support at every turn...From an administration process, Chiapas is a breeze. It quickly and easily installs and is up and running in literally only a few minutes. Quotation2.PNG

Ray S., EDI Developer, InsureMonkey                 

Quotation1.PNGI found Chiapas EDI easy to install and intuitive to use. The software got us up and running quickly and was able to handle the latest 837 5010 transactions without incident allowing us to concentrate on analyzing the data rather than managing the software. I also found Chiapas EDI support to be extremely responsive when I needed it. Quotation2.PNG

Alan LaPenn, CIO, prnLink

Chiapas EDI Enterprise

Achieving 5010 HIPAA Compliant Transactions in the Shortest Way

Made by and for other healthcare technology professionals, Chiapas EDI Enterprise Technology is the shortest way for you to achieve HIPAA compliant transactions. Our industry-proven EDI integration solution scales from 20-bed nursing facilities to Mid-sized HMOs, to Benefit Administration Companies, to Fortune 500 Healthcare BI corporations.  Supporting virtually every X12 EDI 4010 and 5010 specifications and addenda: 270, 271, 276, 277, 278 REQ & RESP, 820, 824, 834, 835, 837D, 837I, 837P, 999, and 820X (306) for Health Insurance Exchange, our powerful platform seamlessly integrates EDI with your enterprise database environment.  

Moreover, we provide superior support for our clients from the moment they download the free 30-day fully functional version of Chiapas EDI Enterprise because we believe your success is our success.

Benefits when you have Chiapas EDI Enterprise in house

Unique features of Chiapas EDI Enterprise 

Check-sign-Image.pngReduce Development Time. Save Overhead Cost.  Chiapas EDI Enterprise platform comes with pre-packaged workflows and database components for the most common business situations, which mean EDI developers are achieving business requirements instantly starting from proven, working solutions.

Check-sign-Image.pngPowerful Front-end Interface.  A powerful Chiapas Studio front-end provides an interactive interface to developing EDI mappings and transactions, expediting the development process.

Check-sign-Image.pngOut of the box.  Chiapas EDI Enterprise platform is capable of rendering arbitrary HIPAA transactions directly to a SQL table, or CSV or XML file without writing a line of code.

Check-sign-Image.pngAutomation.  Chiapas EDI Enterprise provides the capabilities to create fully automated solutions with a graphical drag-and-drop interface, including modules to control translation, EMail notifications, logging and SQL operations.

Our cutting-edge EDI technologies offer seamless integration solutions to your healthcare businesses, translating EDI healthcare transactions with a minimum of time and complexity. Our powerful EDI translation platform enables you to save a substantial amount of time and money on development phase and helps you bring back your focus on your business operations with efficiency, quality, and real-time results.

Why wait?  Take advantage of our free 30-day fully functional version today and experience immediately how Chiapas EDI Technologies can resolve your current difficulties with X12 EDI transactions.

What's New

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Posted 11/26/2014 

For Medicaid Managed Care entities and their medical groups, encounter data are very important as often Medicaid pays capitation rates based on the data submitted.  The more quality encounter data, the better capitation rates flow back to those Managed Care entities and their trading partners, stabilizing the business operations.  

In this blog post, we will discuss about splitting a big 835 EDI file into multiple single 835 EDI files for multiple trading partners.


Chiapas EDI's free source code on SourceForge

Chiapas EDI Technologies, Inc. is working on Chiapas Version 2 and will soon release its source code for free on SourceForge...Stay tune and check it out at later.

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